Eating For a Healthy Skin: Which Nutrient Keeps Skin Healthy? [Infographic]

eating for a healthy skin

Eating for a healthy skin care regimen can seem tricky at first, but this infographic from The Real Food Guide makes it easy. It gives you everything you need to know to make your skin glow, from the inside out.

It gives you a list of important vitamins and nutrients to build healthy skin and fight problematic issues like dry skin or inflamed skin. You’ll also find lots of helpful examples of which types of food have the nutrients you need to make your new beauty routine work.

What to eat for healthy skin

For starters, try protein because it’s the body’s building blocks. Add some vitamin A to heal damaged skin, and vitamin E to protect your skin. For more benefits, try adding some healthy fats, B-complex vitamins, and zinc. Who knew there were so many components? Fortunately we have some suggestions for you.

Concentrate on certain nutrients you’re missing

Is your skin really dry or inflamed? The infographic has a solution for that. Focus on eating citrus, which combats inflammation. Also, try eating eggs, nuts, and leafy greens to combat dry skin. But, what about what you should eat to promote healthy skin instead of combating problem skin?

Two birds with one stone: use the infographic to make recipes

Take the infographic to the grocery store, or use it to meal plan for the week. To be efficient, we recommend finding foods that have more than one benefit. For example, salmon contains protein and healthy fats. Add some leafy greens and carrots to the salmon for your dose of B-complex, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

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Finally, dress the salmon and leafy greens with oranges and some pumpkin seeds for quercetins and zinc. Presto! You have a meal that has all of the components for eating for a healthy skin. Enjoy that glow!

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nutrients for healthy skin
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