10 Steps to a Better At Home Chemical Facial Peel

at home chemical facial peel

Making use of an at home chemical facial peel allows you to uncover smooth, bright skin for a more youthful appearance. The facial peels make use of low levels of salicylic acid (BHA) and alphahydroxy acid (AHA) to reduce acne and oily skin, clean the pores, remove blackheads and improve texture. To ensure you obtain the best results from these acid facial peels, certain steps should be taken.

1. Follow the instructions exactly as written on the package. You are working with acids and improper use can lead to permanent damage.

2. Even if you have used home chemical peel products before, do a 24 hour patch test before each use. Take a Q-tip or cotton swab and dip it in the peel solution. Apply a small amount of the peel on the check near your ear. Wait five minutes and then wash the peel off, using tap water. Pay close attention to the area for the next 24 hours to ensure there is no blistering or burning. If not, you can proceed.

3. Wear gloves and pull your hair up and away from your face. Make sure it is firmly secured so it doesn’t come into contact with the face peel.

4. Using a mild cleanser, wash the face and allow it dry. Follow up by washing the face with a gauze pad dipped in rubbing alcohol. This removes any dirt and oils remaining on the skin. Repeat this step until the no dirt or residue appears on the pad.

5. Use a petroleum-based gels on the areas around the eyes, corners of the mouth and nose to protect the skin in these areas from the facial peel.

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6. Set a fan on the surface you are using to hold the peel and other items used during the process. Cut the fan on cool and direct it to blow on your face. This helps to ease the stinging most feel when applying at home chemical facial peels.

7. Apply the facial peel as directed on the box. Make sure to apply the solution evenly on both sides of the face.

8. Leave the peel on the skin the time recommended on the box. Take care not to leave the peel on longer. When the time is up, slowly remove the peel and wash the face with cool water. The water neutralizes the solution.

9. Apply the petroleum based gel on the treated areas and wash your face two or more times daily. Do this based on the amount of flaking or peeling you are experiencing and follow up with the gel after each wash.

10. Avoid scratching or picking at the skin as the face blisters and peels because this can lead to infection. Avoid exposure to the sun while the face is healing. Once the healing process is complete, wear sunscreen every day to prevent damage and discoloration of the new skin.

A chemical peel can be of great help in allowing you to look and feel younger. Results depend on the type of peel used and what you are looking to accomplish. For those with severe sun damage or deep set wrinkles. a chemical peel done by a professional often produces the best results. For those looking to keep skin looking young and healthy and those with minimal damage, a home chemical peel treatment is a great tool in achieving this goal.

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