Acid Face Peel Options: DIY vs. Pro – Which Is Right For You?

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Using an acid peel for your skin is a fantastic way to treat things like acne and damage from the sun, and just to rejuvenate your skin in general. However, this can be a pretty expensive thing to have done for you professionally, so for many out there the at-home option of applying the treatment themselves is much more appealing. Which of these choices is the right fit for your own needs?

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Safety Considerations

Safety is more of an issue when doing your own peel, especially at higher concentrations. And while the peels you’ll be using are relatively safe for home use, there’s still the potential of damaging your skin if misused.

DIY Treatment

Though it is possible to damage your skin with a mishandled peel, it is not actually that difficult to perform your own treatments so long as you take it easy the first couple of times. If you exercise a bit of care you should be very pleased with the results. The best advice I can give is to start small, and we’ll look at the process a little later on.

Professional Treatment

Because of the potential for mistakes to be made, a professional facial peel might be the best option if you are not confident that you will be able to follow instructions to the letter and take any necessary precautions. When you opt for the pro treatment you simply don’t have to worry about these things, and having it all taken care of for you can be well worth paying extra.

Making a Purchase

Probably the hardest part of being a diy peeler (especially if this is your first time), is choosing the right peel for you. On the other hand finding a qualified professional can be even more daunting.

DIY Treatment

There are many unique products out there for do-it-yourself acid facial peels which all speak to different needs, and I think the best advice for your first time is to purchase a sample kit which will be easy to apply and test out without having to spend much money at all. Later on you will look to purchase full kits which meet your exact needs, but for now you want to keep things relatively small and simple so you can get a feel for how it works and how your skin reacts.

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Professional Treatment

Finding a professional to treat your skin is by contrast a bit more involved as a process. Once you have a look at the health & beauty clinics offering skin rejuvenation treatments in your local area you will want to compare credentials and check for reviews from real customers to see whether or not your preferred choice lives up to their marketing. Next you will sit down for a consultation where you can have the peel explained to you and ask any important questions, such as the expectations you should have for results or the amount of time it will take for your skin to recover.

Preparing For Your Peel

In either case, in the days leading up to using the treatment you will want to stop using any prescription skin products, and generally the way to go here is to forego those items for five days before and then ten days after you apply your peel.

DIY Treatment

It is very important to schedule your at-home acid face peel to make sure that you will have a bit of time off from work or other public obligations while your skin is peeling and healing.

Crucially, it is strongly advised that you perform a simple spot test before you go forward with the full treatment. If your skin reacts badly to the peel you will be glad to find that out before you cover your entire face with it! You should apply the peel just as the instructions indicate, but only to a small patch of skin about an inch in diameter. If you are going to use the peel on your face then the best place to do your spot test is behind your ear on a clear area of skin.

You should wait 48 hours after your spot test before deciding to proceed with the full face peel, and if you have experienced no major irritation or any problems in that time it is probably safe to use for your skin.

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Pro Treatment

You will also need to schedule an appointment when you are treated by a professional, but generally speaking this is a process which will move quicker once you have decided who you want to perform your treatment.

Potential skin irritation and other concerns will already have been discussed at your consultation, so all you have to do is show up! You should also be told in this case exactly how long a recovery time you can expect your skin to need.

The Treatment Process

There are certain things that you need to do before you actually apply the face peel. Doing these pre-treatment steps will prevent you from damaging your skin and ensure a successful peel.

DIY Treatment

There are a few general tips which apply to all DIY at home acid peels, and this should help to give you an idea of what you are in for.

First, you should make sure your skin is good and clean, but avoid using anything that will leave a residue on your face — It’s a good idea to use a product with alcohol which will evaporate quickly and completely, leaving your skin bare.

Second, be careful to avoid very sensitive areas such as the skin around your eyes or nostrils. If you want to be extra sure on this step you should apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to those areas, which will help to keep the acid face peel from impacting them.

For your first peel it is recommended that you take it off after only about one minute, which may not feel like a long time, but even if your spot test went well it is a good idea to play it safe here and start small.

Professional Treatment

When it comes to getting a professional acid face peel you will of course not have to worry about the factors above, and simply having that peace of mind can be well worth paying a little extra when you have the money to spend. A professional will take all of the necessary precautions to make sure your first peel experience is a good one, and they can let you know what to expect with greater precision.

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If price is not a major factor for you, a professional treatment is a good idea. Further, the atmosphere and environment of a pro-level acid face peel is a whole lot more relaxing than you will likely find it at home!

The Price Point

Whether you’re doing your own peel or having it done professionally, you need to consider the cost. If you’re having a superficial peel, know that you’ll need several treatments to see optimal results, so figure this in when making your decision.

DIY Treatment

If you want to save a bit of money, and if you are willing to take things slow when you start out, you should be able to achieve great results on your own at home and for a relatively low price. If you have the patience and confidence to do it yourself this is not an option that should be feared or avoided. You can find do it yourself acid peels for as low as $20 in some cases.

Professional Treatment

The cost here depends largely on the type of peel you opt for. Prices can range from $150 all the way up to about $5,000, though in the latter case we are speaking almost exclusively of deep peels designed to treat specific and sometimes very severe problems. You should be able to find a great peel available in your area for under $500.

Weighing these pros and cons of do it yourself acid peels versus professional peel treatments can help you decide which way to go. Each of these options have their advantages and disadvantages, so you must decide what is important to you. If money is not a problem, then you may enjoy and even want the pampering that you’ll get at the dermatologist’s office or spa. On the other hand, if your budget is tight or you just like having control, then a DIY peel is your best option.

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