Acid Peels for Acne: Do They Really Work in Controlling Acne?

acid peels for ance

Should you try acid peels for your acne? If you’re like most acne sufferers you’ve probably tried many different treatments; albeit with varying degrees of success to get rid of your acne. Acid peels have shown good results in many cases of mild to moderate acne conditions, so this is definitely a treatment method that you want to look into. As well as trying the peels, you could also check out what sites like, especially if you are looking to make a transition to using products that are more gentle for your skin. It’s the inflammation that you want to manage, so using natural products may be able to assist with that. You may even want to try a cannabidiol gel alongside this course of treatment.

According to the American Academy of Dermatologists acne is prevalent among skin disorders. Over 40 percent of teens have acne and at least 85 percent of the population, in general, suffers from this condition at some point in life.

This condition doesn’t only affect teens. People well into their 50s have developed acne. If you’re suffering from the condition and you’ve literally tried every different cream on the market, your kinda running out of options. But, you could check out who offer expert advice on skincare, they even offer skincare products made just for you.

Acne treatments exceed over $2 billion dollars annually. The majority of these costs have been spent on over-the-counter or prescription meds. Although I will be talking about chemical peels, some people may find them extreme or too harsh to use on their skin, especially without the opinion of an acne specialist. What these specialists do is work with you and train your skin, which not only gets fantastic results but also prevents the acne from returning in the future. However, if you would like to still try a chemical peel, they are now more readily available therefore, with more people buying them we can expect those treatment figures to rise.

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The two most effective acid peels for acne are beta-hydroxy (BHA) and alpha-hydroxy (AHA). AHA peels are commonly known as glycolic acid peels. BHA peels are commonly known as salicylic acid peels. Both are derived from organic compounds. Alpha-hydroxy has the same ingredients found in sugar cane, tomato juice and sour milk. Beta-hydroxy is similar to aspirin as its main component is salicin.

Tests conducted comparing the two acid peels have shown that beta-hydroxy peels offer fewer side effects and the results last longer. However, if you’re allergic to aspirin, an alpha-hydroxy peel may be better for you.

Both beta-hydroxy and alpha-hydroxy were effective in treating facial lesions caused by acne vulgaris in 85% percent of the subjects.

Along with being an effective treatment for acne, both AHA and BHA peels also help treat fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin texture and color. This is achieved by removing a thin layer of skin to promote the growth of new skin.

Surface acne like comedones, whiteheads and blackheads can be reduced with the use of acid peels. Other types that can be treated with acid peels for acne include papules and pustules. If you have severe acne, such as the case with nodules and cystic acne, you need to see a dermatologist to decide if any type of chemical peel can be used as a treatment.

Topical treatments for acne help dry up and reduce the product of oil, kill bacteria and helps slough off dead skin cells. These should be used daily even if you decide to try an acid peel for acne flareups. Getting a chemical procedure such as a face peel can also help topical solutions and applications penetrate the skin much easier, making them more efficient in doing their job.

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Many dermatologists recommend that you use both methods to help combat acne flair ups and reduce the possibility of future eruptions.

If you decide to get chemical acid peels to treat your acne, be advised that it make take several treatments to see noticeable results. You will also need to keep up with your topical treatments and daily skin care regimen as well.

Outgrowing acne is the only real cure for this skin disorder and you may never outgrow it. Nevertheless, new treatments like chemical peels and laser treatments are making great headway in keeping this ailment under control so you have fewer outbreaks and less scarring.

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