Pros and Cons of Doing At Home Acid Peels: Is it Right for You?


diy facial chemical peel

You’ve decided to do your acid peels at home. Before you embark on this undertaking on your own, you should do some research and find out all of the information you can. You will need to know the best type of peel to gain the desired results, plus any other information that may help you. Chemical peels offer many benefits along with some drawbacks. Below are a few of the pros and cons you need to consider before deciding to do a chemical peel yourself.


  • Save money: Doing chemical peels at home are much cheaper than having a professional do them, but remember it has its risks which we will discuss later. For about the same price that you can get one chemical peel done in a dermatologists office or going to a spa for a treatment, you can get 10 treatments at home. Mild chemical peels can be done monthly, so that’s nearly a year’s worth of treatments compared to the cost of one done professionally.
  • Time Saver: Getting a chemical peel at home will also save you time. There’s no need to set up an appointment, drive to an office and sit in a waiting room until it’s time for you to be called in for the treatment. Simply spend one day in the convenience of your own home getting it done.
  • Convenient: As mentioned above, saving time is a great benefit, but having a chemical peel in your home is convenient for you. It keeps you from having to deal with a doctor’s office, making appointments and the commute to and from the office to have the procedure done.
  • Milder chemicals: The chemicals in home peel kits are milder in comparison to having them done by a professional. The reason for this is to make them safer for in-home application. Since they are milder, you may want to use them more often and it may take more treatments to gain the benefits of one treatment by a professional. However, this still saves you time and money in the long run.
  • Effective for minor skin flaws: At-home chemical peels work best on minor skin flaws. If you’re just starting to see fine lines and blemishes, a home chemical peel may be all you need to combat those signs of aging. No need to pay professional fees when you can accomplish the same thing at home.
  • Shorter recovery time for mild peels: Mild peels also have the advantage of shorter recovery times. In general, a mild peel will be healed within a week or two after treatment, whereas the strong chemicals used by professionals will take longer recovery times.
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  • Safety: One of the biggest concerns with getting a chemical peel at home is safety. Even though milder chemicals are being used, there is always a cause for concern. This is true with professional peels as well, but doing it at home is slightly more risky. Always be sure to mix the chemicals properly. It’s also wise to have a friend over for the day in case you have a serious allergic reaction to the chemicals. You should have already conducted a patch test a week or two prior, but this is a small test to see how your skin reacts. Applying excess chemicals to your face may raise other problems.
  • Complications: These can arise from having an allergic reaction. Or, your body may react adversely to the use of chemicals. In some severe cases it can cause erythema, edema and even ocular problems from the fumes getting into your eyes. Milder complications include burning and irritation. This is expected to happen with any type of chemical peel, but if your skin doesn’t recover well or has an adverse reaction to the chemicals, these conditions can worsen.
  • Pigment changes: Since this is a chemical process it can damage the melanocytes of your skin and cause discoloration and changes in pigment and skin tone. You could be left with light spots and/or dark spots.
  • Scarring: This is a more common risk for medium or deep chemical peels, but there are some risks of scarring with the use of a mild at home peel too. Be careful that you don’t scratch your skin or try to peel the layers off yourself. Let them sloth off naturally.
  • Infections: If you have sensitive skin, cold sores or any type of abrasion on your face, having a chemical peel can cause the skin to get infected. Skin that doesn’t heal properly, or heals slowly can leave the skin susceptible to infection. Instead, you may want to use products from the likes of Quantum Health and other online medical stores to find natural remedies for your skin abrasions or cold sores etc.
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Whether you choose to have your chemical peel done by a professional or you use at home acid peels, be advised that there are pros and cons to both. Always make an informed decision before getting a chemical peel.

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