What Are The Benefits of Glycolic Peel 30% For Your Skin?

benefits of glycolic peel 30%

The benefits of a glycolic peel 30% concentration are to improve skin tone,¬† decrease the size of pores and give a healthier glow to your skin. Since glycolic peels are mild, they are best used to treat surface imperfections. This concentration is great for beginning diy peel users and the peeling agent is also safe to use on all skin types and there is no downtime or heavy peeling to deal with. However, since these peels are superficial and only penetrate the outermost layer of your skin, you will need a series of treatments to see significant results, but they can be a great maintenance tool to keep your skin looking good after you’ve had a deeper peel.

Where to Buy Glycolic Peels 30% Online

Glycolic Acid 30% Light Peel Kit
These days you can purchase home glycolic peels containing everything you need to give yourself a great peel treatment in the comfort of your home and on your schedule and at a fraction of what it will cost to do it professionally.

The Natural Skin Shop offers at home glycolic peel kits with everything you need, including complete instructions to ensure you have a successful at-home peel experience. The kits include:

  • Peel Prep Solution
  • Glycolic 30% Light Peel
  • Neutralizer Solution
  • 100% Hyaluronic Replenish Serum

Even though this is a light peel, you still want to do a patch test before doing the whole process and follow all included directions for your own safety. So if your skin is looking dull, ashy or just plain drab, then refresh and rejuvenate it with a 30% glycolic peel treatment. Click the link below to get started.

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