Best Moisturizing Ingredients: How to Choose a Good Moisturizer For Your Skin

best moisturizing ingredients

It’s fall. It’s chilly. You’ve had to start wearing sweaters, boots, and socks everywhere. You put on the moisturizer you usually use as well, only to feel like your skin is a lot drier than it used to be.

What the heck is going on? It could be that you’re not choosing the best moisturizing ingredients in your moisturizer. Don’t despair! Check out this infographic instead.

What’s it all about?

Brought to you by the Cleveland Clinic, this guide covers not only the best moisturizer ingredients to be on the lookout for but also ones to stay away from. They also recommend moisturizers for different parts of your body and for different seasons.

How to use this guide

Do you have a moisturizer that you use already? Pull it out of your bathroom cabinet and take a look at the ingredients listed on the back. Compare it to the list of harmful ingredients in the infographic.

Is your moisturizer riddled with ingredients that irritate the skin, such as methylparabens, salicylic acid, or fragrances? Take this infographic to the store and look for Paraben Free Moisturizers or products with better moisturizing ingredients such as ceramides. Also, use it as a reminder of what to use your judgment on buying.

Why does the season make a difference?

In addition to giving us the best moisturizing cream ingredients to look for, the infographic tells us that we also need to think about our skin individually. Dry or irritated skin? Try a sensitive or extra-dry moisturizer formula. You also should have a lightweight moisturizer for the summer to combat the humidity, and a heavier one for the winter to combat dry air.

best moisturizing ingredients

How to Choose a Good Moisturizer For Your Skin – Image via Cleveland Clinic

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