Give the Gift of a DIY Spa with These Luxury Products

diy spa holiday gifts ideas

When shopping for holiday gifts for the special people in your life, it’s best to choose something that they will use. As the holidays are especially stressful for everyone, why not choose a gift that will help them pamper, preen and release the daily stress from their lives? While looking for things to buy, why not keep in mind that you could also apply an amazon coupon at the checkout page in order to keep the price you pay low and affordable.

Giving gifts that can provide the whole spa experience at home is a lovely idea that will be well-received. The only thing that could top a DIY spa experience is a trip to the alta spa. However, spas aren’t for everyone and finding the time to go to a spa when you’re very busy and stressed can sometimes be difficult. This is why a gifts to create a DIY spa experience are perfect! Unlike ugly Christmas sweaters or fruitcakes, these are the kinds of gifts every woman wants to find under her tree. Even if you don’t have the nicest bathroom, you can still make it an enjoyable experience. Although, you could use this as an excuse to upgrade your bathroom! You can see what changes you could make by visiting and getting inspired to create your own relaxing bathroom haven!

Here are some luxurious selections to help her have a DIY spa experience right at home where it’s comfy and cozy.

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1. Luxury Portable Spa Mat

This smart contraption turns any ordinary tub into a blissful spa experience. It bubbles up the water for soothing, calming relief. But that’s not all. Baths never get cold before you’re ready to get out because it has a heating option which keeps the water at that sublime temperature until you’re done unwinding. It’s remote control operated too, so there’s no need to even move beyond lifting a finger.

2. Conair Luxury Portable Massage Foot Bath Tub

Taking care of feet is important for proper pampering too. Our feet always bear the brunt of our activities. For the one you love that is always on their feet, give them something to soothe those tired soles while rejuvenating their soul. It massages away the aches and pains in the feet with bubbling pleasure, plus it stays heated too. It’s perfect for pre-pedicure or simply relaxing at the end of a busy day.

3. Luxury Spa Bath Pillow

Turn any tub into a tranquil retreat with a comfortable, non-slip bath pillow. It provides the neck with comfortable and firm support so that bath time can truly be relaxing.

4. Luxury Bath Bombs

These large, vegan, non-GMO bath bombs give you a fizzy fun experience. With a set that smells this fabulous and “Parisian chic,” bath time has never been better!

5. BeautyCounter Multi-Masker Set

Nothing completes a DIY spa treatment like masking. This trio of masks uses kaolin clay for deep cleansing. They can be used one at a time to get the same effect on the entire face or they can be used together on targeted areas to bring the freshest, spa-beautiful face to light right at home.

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Brighten, plump, and balance the skin with these rejuvenating masks. Plus they come in a reusable gift tin that can surely be put to good use storing bath and spa products in the bathroom.

6. SALBAKOS Luxury Hotel & Spa Turkish Cotton Towels

To truly get that sophisticated spa experience at home, the right towels will really help. Nothing feels better after luxuriating in the tub than to be wrapped in soft, fluffy, luxurious towels. It makes all the difference in creating that spa ambience at home.

7. BeautyCounter The Ultimate Collection

Go ahead. Spoil her rotten. She deserves it. This collection gives her everything she needs from head to toe to look her most ravishing. Creamy cleansers, nourishing mists, rich facial creams, hydrating lotions, body scrubs, masks, body oil and more all come in this complete collection.

It’s not cheap, but when you think of how much it costs her to go to the spa, this is an absolute DIY spa at home bargain!

8. Depuffing Eye Masks

The eyes are the windows to her soul so help her get her glow back. These collagen eye masks are infused with 24k gold to plump up and moisturize those tired eyes. Puffiness and dark circles vanish away and she’ll emerge from the bathroom looking lovelier than ever!

9. Jet Air Bubble Spa Massager

Now any tub can be turned into a luxury whirlpool spa tub. If she has a garden tub but no jets, give her that effervescent bubbling power she wants when she’s trying to de-stress in the tub. This cool gadget fits any tub and adheres safely and securely to the tub.

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The jets can be adjusted and directed to areas that need the most pampering for relief of tension and sore muscles as well as stress.

10. Sleep Lavender Bath Salts

Made with Pacific Ocean sea salts, these bath salts have that heavenly lavender scent that will lull her cares away and let her sleep well for once. It softens skin while soothing away tension and stress, making it a great quick DIY spa gift for anyone.

11. Towel Warmer

No more chilly escapes from the tub or shower. And no more trying to dry off with damp towels. This towel warmer can be mounted or stand on its own to provide warm, dry towels every time you bathe.

It’s that final touch of indulgence at any good spa and being able to wrap up in a warmed towel after being pampered is pure bliss.

12. Supermood Youth Glo The Luxury Anti Aging-Wrinkle Facial Peel

If the cost of facial peels at your favorite spa are too much to handle, this at-home facial peel can give the desired results for much less. It renews skin to reveal a gorgeous glow. Formulated with plant extracts, lactic acid, buckthorn extract, vitamin C, and other natural and effective ingredients, it makes for a fantastic spa-at-home experience.

13. IonCleanse Solo Ionic Foot Bath

An ionic foot detox works by pulling the toxins out of your body through your feet. The ions in the foot bath water hold a charge that enables them to bind to any heavy metals and toxins in your body, thus pulling them out of your body. Not only is this a relaxing foot bath, but it is also detoxifying and as such will have her feeling rejuvenated as if she has spent the day at a spa. If you are unsure whether she will like one, you could instead book her a trial at one of the foot bath detox locations to see if it’s her thing.

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Bringing the spa home to her for the holidays is a smart idea. She’ll get more use out of it than one day trip to the spa and can pamper and revitalize herself whenever she feels like it. These gifts are sure to bring about joy these holiday season so hurry and get them under your tree today!

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