Add a Few Drops of These Essential Oils to Your Anti-Aging Cream for an Extra Boost

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As you probably already know, taking good care of your health on the inside by eating right and staying hydrated will help keep your skin from aging prematurely.

But you should also nourish it from the outside.

Maybe your bathroom counter is covered in pretty little jars of expensive anti-aging creams and products.

And maybe you’re seeing results, but if you want to add more oomph to your look and keep on looking years younger than the age listed on your driver’s license then adding some key essential oils into your products is the best way to do it.

These essential oils have been shown to slow and reverse the signs of aging so add a few drops to your creams and lotions for even better results.


Helichrysum works at a cellular level to restore your cell structures. As you age, these structures become thinner and less bouncy. Restoring it is the key to your ever-lasting youth. It’s not cheap by any means, but the good news is adding just a few drops of it to your favorite anti-aging skin cream will do wonders. It’s incredibly good for fading scars and other blemishes away, leaving skin clearer, plumper and more gorgeous overall.


Rosemary isn’t just a wonderful herb to add beautiful flavors to your foods. In its essential oil form, it’s long been used in skincare and hair care products. In fact, studies have shown that by simply inhaling the scent of rosemary, it served to lower cortisol levels and increased free radical scavenging.

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Free radicals are a large part of what causes the aging problems we have with our skin. When we’re stressed, cortisol levels soar and this too can take its toll. The result is skin that ages much faster than we want. But if we use rosemary essential oil, this helps restore the balance. Inhale the lovely fragrance of rosemary every day when you add it to your anti-aging lotions. Some people have been known to combine rosemary with GenF20 Plus supplements ( to get the maximum anti-aging effect.


Geranium has such a heavenly scent. But it does so much more than smell beautiful! It is a powerful anti-inflammatory. In fact, it’s such an effective anti-inflammatory agent that it’s being used in drugs to battle inflammation. Inflammation is the source of most of our problems.

Diseases and illnesses often come into play when we have too much inflammation in our bodies. With our skin, keep inflammation away helps us to hold onto our youthful looks for much longer. Add it to your skin cream to see the difference, especially if your skin often becomes inflamed. You can also help yourself from the inside out in tackling inflammation issues. For some people, they will use things such as medical marijuana or CBD to calm inflammation especially if it tracks throughout the body and causes issues elsewhere. For tips on ‘how to smoke weed in the house‘ and ‘THC strength for inflammation’ etc. you can check out websites like for more info. CBD can also be infused directly in skincare products too in order provide benefits to targeted areas. For example, this CBD eye serum can help to reduce puffiness, under-eye bags and make the eyes look brighter and more wide-awake so, if you need help with any other those things, you may wish to try out a CBD serum.

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Lavender is also used to treat inflammation. It has calming properties that are good for bringing on peaceful rest and sleep. These effects are also good for rejuvenating your skin, particularly if you’re stressed. It’s also full of antioxidants that are amazing for the skin so add it to your night cream for a more beautiful face when you wake!


Frankincense helps skin cells regenerate by restoring healthfulness to your cells and tissues. It also has powerful astringent qualities so it can erase unsightly sun spots, remove lines and wrinkles, particularly around the eyes, and it has the ability to tighten and tone. Best of all, it gets rid of old cells and helps bring about new, refreshed ones so you’ll look younger and younger! Try it in your anti-aging routine today!


Those three wise men were very wise! Myrrh essential oil is a powerful antioxidant that helps restore cellular damage and prevent new damage from occurring. It also reduces inflammation. If you have sensitive skin that is easily irritated, this is the ideal essential oil to add into your existing skincare products for a huge boost. It’s even gentle enough to put in eye cream or serum too!

Ylang Ylang

Skin elasticity depletes with age, but you can stop that and reverse it by bringing it back with these essential oils. It helps skin cells regenerate faster. You’ll love how it smooths away lines and wrinkles, plus the glorious floral fragrance will life your spirits as well.

Make the most of your skincare products by adding the right essential oils to them and you’ll have everyone asking you what your special anti-aging secret is. Shhh! Don’t tell!

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