Healthy Skin With Food: Which Foods Promote Healthier Skin [Infographic]

healthy skin with food

If you’re on a mission to improve your skin from the inside out, here’s a handy, helpful infographic to get you started and guide you along the way. It covers how to achieve healthy skin with food, and gives all kinds of helpful examples, as well.

This infographic, courtesy of BeautyFlash, lists ten types of foods you should eat to promote healthy skin. The foods listed in the infographic contain one specific type of nutrient that you should be eating to promote healthy skin.

Keep in mind that you need to eat all, not just one type, to get that healthy glow! But, what is the best way to make sure you’re eating them all?

We recommend adding as many to your day as possible

How do you fit 10 different types of nutrients into only 3 meals a day? Take this list to the grocery store or use it when meal planning for the week! Have green tea on your morning commute to help reverse the effects of sun damage. Add flax seeds and almonds to your oatmeal to get your vitamin E and omega-fatty acids.

For lunch, try having a spinach salad with tuna, tomatoes, and carrots in order to eat your vitamin A, selenium, and lycopen. Finally, try sweet potatoes and cook your choice of protein in safflower oil for dinner. Do you like eating dessert? Who doesn’t? Try dark chocolate to get your dose of flavonols.

Do you not like sweet potatoes? Use the infographic as a guide to find another food with the same nutrients!

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Use the infographic to keep track of what nutrients you need, like vitamin C, and find substitutes. Let’s face it, even sweet potatoes get old after a while. You know from the infographic that sweet potatoes have vitamin C. Maybe try substituting with an orange or two as a snack to get that very important nutrient from your diet.

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healthy skin with food,
10 Types of Food that will Help You Achieve Perfect Skin – Image via Beauty Flash

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